The Lions Gate Portal

Have you heard of the "Lions Gate Portal"?


From July 26 to August 12 the Lions Gate Portal is open and was at its peak on August 8, however this energy will be with us for the remainder of the month, sending beams of high vibrational light to our planet. If you are sensitive enough, you may have already felt things in your life begin to shift.

Pay close attention to the blessings that enter your life this month, as this energy is here to move us forward.

These light waves can benefit you greatly if you have cleared your past and are ready to leap into what you want to manifest.

In numerology, the number 8 represents infinity, abundance and higher realms of consciousness, making this a phenomenal month to tune into your souls purpose, while learning to trust the process.

This is a time to rise up in consciousness and align with your hearts intentions.

This August Lion's Gate Portal will help you to open your heart chakra and release any pain that you have been holding in that area. If your chest or heart area has been feeling heavy lately, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe the vibration of Light in through that area. Imagine this Light dissolving any darkness on the out breath, while visualizing it leaving your body. Breathe in the Light until you feel the blockage break up and lift off of you. This exercise will help you to free yourself from any grief or hurt that you have been carrying, while raising your vibration to one of love and understanding.

The Lions Gate Portal also activates the third eye chakra which will heighten your natural psychic abilitites, so pay close attention to your dreams and intuition as they will be at an all time high this month.

During this time, you can expect the Universe to support you on your journey, giving you plenty of signs to know that you are not walking this path alone. Communication from your loved ones in Spirit, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides will be louder and easier to decipher. These beings of Light are here to assist you your journey, all you have to do is ask and open up those line of communication that is available to everyone.

The energy that surrounds us this month will move you towards personal peace and freedom.

What ever stifles your growth will irritate you... Don't get mad at the process, understand that things need to be highlighted so that you can choose differently, and move toward a better outcome.

This month is filled with tons of blessings and magical energy

that are yours for the taking, so get excited!

Stop walking through this life in a haze, and start living your life on purpose and watch the difference it makes in your life and the lives of those that surround you.

Sending you all Peace, Love and Light <3

Patricia Monna