This month we are smack dab in the middle of two full moons. Again, we are gifted with the presence of a Super Moon on the 31st, where the moon is closest to the earth, giving us a stronger vibration with the energy of releasing and letting go. 
Whatever energy that is flowing through you will be amplified at this time. if you are one who can attain a state of peace, your peace will be beyond your comprehension. However, if you are full of anxiety, bitterness or anger, that too will be amplified during the next few weeks. Tune into how you FEEL, not what you THINK. Your thoughts can sometimes get the better of you, but your feelings never lie as they are rooted in your Truth centre!

What do you FEEL the Universe showing you right now?

What decision do you need to finally make?

Every decision that we make, changes our reality, and how we look at it, is what matters most. 
It is through our hardships that we shape and grow. Our world is rapidly changing and
only YOU have the power to change your reality,

You are literally one decision away from a completely new reality! Step into your power this month with the strength and confidence and know that you are being guided to your next step.

May you be filled with the Peace and Love of the entire Universe,

Patricia Monna


The Power Of One


Today is a very powerful day. It is a day to remember the fallen men and women who lost their lives fighting for a safe and peaceful tomorrow. Each one making the ultimate sacrifice. Each life making a difference in this world. 
Everyone of us has the same power to change the world. One small act of kindness can start a ripple effect of positivity that will grow in momentum by the energy that we feed it. 
Today, more than ever we need to come together with open hearts to heal the wounds of the past. It is through true forgiveness that we learn and grow so that generations to come will never face the pain that our ancestors endured.

As 1 is a considered a Master Number in numerology it represents the energy of oneness, unity and elevated consciousness which will be amplified today on the 11th day of the 11th month.

Take some time out today to put your sword down and stop fighting against whatever trials are happening in your life right now. Visualize peace and love flowing towards you and the situation and watch how your outcome changes.

The power of One is within you to change your world. How are you going to use it?

Pay Attention To Your Thoughts!


Everything that goes through your head does have an impact on your world around you.

What we dwell on, has a direct connection with how we act while interacting with others, and how we treat people. When you are dwelling on negativity, it is pretty hard to have a positive outlook.

Have you ever come home after a great day, only to be met by a grouchy spouse? 
How did it make you feel? Did you feel the happiness of the day get sucked out of you the minute you started talking with them? This is just one example of how negativity can be contagious. And haven't you ever noticed that once your in a foul mood, it's a lot harder to get out of it?

The trick is to start replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones, and believe me when I say that this isn't as easy as it sounds....it takes practice, practice and more practice, but you need to be aware of your thought patterns so you know where the red flags are and then you can start to change them.

The energy behind negative thoughts can seep into your actions and ultimately become the basis of your reality very quickly if not changed.

Did you know that babies and animals can sense a bad mood? So can we! Even if a person is smiling on the outside, people who are sensitive to energy will instinctively know when something is "off" or "just not right" with someone else, and unless the person who recognizes your negative energy is someone strong enough to try and change it, we generally start to lose the connections that we would have made had we just had a positive outlook.

Everything in this universe is so intrinsically connected, and when you come from a place of peace, love and gratitude, communication between you and your spirit guides will become a lot easier to discern. Think of negativity as interference in your radio waves with the Divine. Get rid of the negativity and Spirit will turn up the volume so you will get their messages loud and clear!

Change your thoughts, change your life! 
Sending you Love and Light, 
Patricia Monna

Are You Feeling The heat?

Are You Feeling The Heat?

May 11 2017

Right now you are entering a powerful time of healing and transition. 
Our May 10/11 full moon will emit a Divine feminine energy that is available to all of us and will assist with clearing out old patterns of heartache and negativity that we hold onto when healing through forgiveness has not taken place. 
Emotions will be running high and may feel very intense at times, so go easy on yourself, quiet your mind and allow the emotions and feelings to pass through you. 
Nothing has power over you unless you allow it, so honour the experience and breathe your way through it. When we flow with the river of life instead of resisting the ride, we eventually hit still waters where we can sit and reflect on the lessons that came with the storm. 
Right now chose the path of least resistance that comes when you
allow life to fall into place even through the tough times. 
Remember that the full moon energy can be felt for 3 days before and 3 days after, so go easy on yourself as you process what ever comes up.

Please Be Kind To Yourself Right Now..

Please Be Kind To Yourself Right Now...

Have you noticed how crazy the world seems to be right now? There is an intense energy out there that people are reacting to without realizing it. The energy of change and its growing pains are all around us, but these changes are necessary for you to move forward towards the direction of your dreams. 
What has been holding you back from true genuine freedom and happiness? What self defeating thoughts are telling you that you cant have it? Take a minute right now to become aware of the perpetual story that you are telling yourself, because now is the time to change that negative banter into positive affirmations that you believe, so that you can work with this energy of change. 
Remember that energy is neither good nor bad without the intention put into it..its just energy, until you fuel it with emotion and thought form, so choose how you want to spend your energy wisely.
In Love and Light, 
Patricia Monna