Testimonial from US Search and Rescue:
December 7, 2015

It is with great support and enthusiasm that I write this letter of reference on behalf of Patricia Monna.  I had the opportunity to meet Patricia a few years ago through an agency by the name of Find Me.  From there, we have gotten to know each other and have built a long distance friendship throughout the years.
This past May, the town of Wimberley, Texas suffered a severe flood.  The Blanco River runs through a vacation area in Wimberley, Texas where 3 families who were residents of Corpus Christi, Texas were staying for the Memorial weekend holiday.  On the evening of May 24, Wimberley experienced some of the worst flooding in its’ history.  At 9pm the Blanco River was at 5 feet.  At 1am, the river had risen to 41 feet.  As a result, the home the families from Corpus Christi were staying in was torn from its foundation and swept away.  Not far down the river, the massive home hit a low-lying concrete bridge and was destroyed upon impact. The 9 people inside the home (including 3 children) were my friends.  
After hearing of this tragedy, I contacted Patricia to see if she could help locate the missing.  Of the 9 people in the home, only one person had been able to safely make it out.  He was still alive, but had been flown to a hospital to treat to his severe injuries.  Time was of the essence to find these missing 8 people.
Patricia was instrumental in helping to locate my friends.  She described the areas where 6 of the 8 missing were found.  She pinpointed 4 locations where bodies were found within approximately 25-50 yards.  Patricia was very quick to tell me to that not everyone would be found, and unfortunately she was correct.  To this day, 2 children are still missing and no one was found alive.
I’ll never forget being on the telephone with Patricia while she was describing to me what to look for on Google maps and she asked me if Texas was in Oklahoma!  After I finished laughing, I explained to her that Texas and Oklahoma were 2 different states.  I find this part of the story so fascinating because here was Patricia in Canada and I was in Texas in the United States.  Patricia was able to pinpoint very specific locations in an area where she had no idea where it was!
-Jessica N.



My Client Won The Lottery...And I Saw It Coming!


I first came to see you six years ago when my mom passed away and since then I see you every year around my birthday in July. To me seeing you is like starting the new year and lots of times it gives me hope that there are good things to come and it was nice to hear that my mom was around me and watching over us. I also love your positivity I leave feeling good.  I have had quite a few things you tell me come true but never really knew if it would have happened anyway or you telling me kind of motivated me to make changes that resulted in things coming true if that makes sense. But I have never experienced anything like the story I'm about to tell you. 

In July of 2016 I saw you for my annual reading and charge of positivity and you told me that October and November would be very positive months for my daughter and I especially December 2. You then even stopped and grabbed a pen and sticky and said I had to remember this and wrote the dates down you had never done anything like that for me you were so adamant about these dates. I went home and put the sticky on my bulletin board and sort of forgot about it. Fast forward to the end of November when my daughter told me about a new lottery called the Daily Grand. A few days later I was in Shopper's Drug Mart and remembered what my daughter had said so I grabbed a quick pick I couldn't even remember the correct name I called it the Daily Grind and the cashier and I had a good chuckle over that (I also want to say I hardly ever play the lottery maybe once a year and I'm lucky if I get a free ticket), I stuck it in my wallet and forgot about it.

A week later I had taken my daughter to Urgent Care and after we stopped at Shopper's for a prescription. It was later at night I was tired and she was bugging me about what she wanted for Christmas so I gave her my ticket and told her to go check it to keep her busy. All of a sudden she is yelling at me across Shopper's when I'm chatting with the cashier so I shushed her (she is 21 I thought she knew better lol) so she comes running over and says mom we just won 7 million I was like no way it has to be 700 you read it wrong so the woman puts it through the machine and sure enough the whole thing shuts down we had won 7 million so after crying and hugging and calling our family to meet us at our house I'm standing around talking to my family and something struck me about it being December 2nd so I go get my sticky note and sure enough November 27 is underlined and starred with positive info coming and this would have been the day I bought the ticket and December 2 says positive date which was the day we found out we won!

Thank you so much for being a guiding light in my life! You have NEVER been wrong!



Hello Patricia
I came to see you last fall (November, I think).  At that time, you told me to ‘have that mole removed, cancer is not yet activated’.
 Just after Christmas, I noticed a small mole on my shin.  Didn’t think anything of it, then kept staring at it after each shower and realized that I had no memory if it being there before.  Your words came to mind, and I went to see my doctor.  He did a biopsy and it came back as a pre-cancer melanoma.  He referred me to a dermatologist and yesterday the area was removed and I was given a very happy ending to this....mole gone, no cancer.
Just wanted to thank you for the heads up and probably for saving my life.  I am so appreciative.
Warmest Regards,
-Lisa H.

"Hey Beautiful :) I just wanted to remind you what an amazing thing it is you do. You continuously inspire while proving hope and encouragement. You make this world a better place one person at a time. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I hope you know that everyone I know who has gone to see you, are always telling me how much you have done for them and what a wonderful person you... In case they aren't telling you, I wanted you to know how loved and appreciated you are.  XoXo"-Dallas

"I had lunch with Patrica on Sept. 14th, during lunch we talked about a legal problem I had to deal with the following week.  Patricia told me not to worry that I would do well and have a good out come at court. she was right on with her description of what would happen I was amazed at the accuracy of what she told me. at the end of our lunch I asked her what she felt about my health she stopped and looked at me and said I am worried about you please go get you heart checked. I told her that 2 years ago I hadgone through all the complete tests for my heart and I got a clean bill of health. Patrica insisted I get checked. I went to me doctor and told her that I wanted to get a check up on my heart again she took my pulse and said it was fast she sent me for a ECG and sure enough something
showed up my heart has a flutter and although my blood pressure is good my heart beats to fast and would have resulted in a stroke or a heart attack I would have never known I always check my blood pressure. So thank you Patrica by seeing that and sharing it withme you have helped me to get the medical help I need. I am going through a lot oftests right now but my doctor is confident
they can correct the problem."
 All my love to you,
 you are my angel.
 Val L. 

"Patricia, I just wanted to personally thank you for everything you told me on Saturday at my first appointment. I went in skeptical and came out with the clearest mind I have had in a long time. You told me things that nobody else could have known and I will definitely be back again and again." -Laurie L.

" I have been talking your praises to my entire family and I’m happy to report you will have 3 more clients coming your way! You were spot on telling me about my friend going on a month long trip. Turns out, who you were seeing was my sister and she just got news that she is going to Australia for a month in the spring!  Crazy! Thanks again for everything it means so much to me!"       Dwila

"I can honestly say no single experience has changed my life as much as my experiences here. I am forever grateful." -Arlen M.

 "Hi There:

I just wanted to personally thank Patricia. I was in the other day after my friend told me how amazing she was, and was my friend ever right.  Patricia really helped me with truly understanding what was going on in my life and has ready given me so much clarity after seeing her just one time. I will absolutely be coming back for a long time. Thank you so much Patricia for being such an amazing woman and for helping all of us who are in need of your gift. " Jaimie

"Just like a lot of people, I went in to Our Angels a skeptic and came out a believer!  I am still in complete shock about the inside information that Patricia was able to pick up on. I tucked a picture into my fathers left breast pocket at his funeral, and Patricia clearly identified who was in the picture as well as describing to me where the picture was taken! This is just one example of the kind of detailed information that Patricia was able to provide." Jackie M