This month we are smack dab in the middle of two full moons. Again, we are gifted with the presence of a Super Moon on the 31st, where the moon is closest to the earth, giving us a stronger vibration with the energy of releasing and letting go. 
Whatever energy that is flowing through you will be amplified at this time. if you are one who can attain a state of peace, your peace will be beyond your comprehension. However, if you are full of anxiety, bitterness or anger, that too will be amplified during the next few weeks. Tune into how you FEEL, not what you THINK. Your thoughts can sometimes get the better of you, but your feelings never lie as they are rooted in your Truth centre!

What do you FEEL the Universe showing you right now?

What decision do you need to finally make?

Every decision that we make, changes our reality, and how we look at it, is what matters most. 
It is through our hardships that we shape and grow. Our world is rapidly changing and
only YOU have the power to change your reality,

You are literally one decision away from a completely new reality! Step into your power this month with the strength and confidence and know that you are being guided to your next step.

May you be filled with the Peace and Love of the entire Universe,

Patricia Monna