Honouring The Journey....


So often in life we get caught up in how we think things should be instead of making peace with the way things actually are. As human beings, we are always reaching and wanting more, wishing that things could be different in our lives and this alone is the number one problem that leads to suffering.

In the midst of the storm, can you find your peace?

Every step of the way needs to be honoured as each one was necessary in order to get you where you are today. 
Understand that obstacles are actually blessings put on your path in order to test you, change you and strengthen you. Hounor your journey by recognizing that these "obstacles" are truths that need to be discovered within yourself. Look deep inside yourself, and turn these obstacles into stepping stones of faith.

Each and everyone of us will be faced with pain in our lives ...that is inevitable, however, suffering is optional. When we focus on the past, it is easy to get caught up in past trauma and pain, and looking too far into the future isn't any better...most of the time it will only cause worry and anxiety. All of this eats at your peace and can leave you feeling exhausted and played out.

Right now, you need to get back on track! Spirit realizes that you are tired of running at full speed and now is the time to rest and rejuvenate. Things will be calming down for you, and will work out in your favour. All you need is patience...Its all coming your way now, so start manifesting what you truly want, and stop focusing on what you don't want. NO MORE PITY PARTY!!

Understand that you are in full control of your destiny. Your soul knows what you have been brought here to accomplish, so let your souls calling be heard, and finally take care of you in a way that actually makes a lasting difference in the way that you view life. 
A miracle is a simple shift in perception, so go easy on yourself and realize that help is on its way to you right now.

Sending you Peace, Love and Light, 
Patricia Monna