Are You Feeling The heat?

Are You Feeling The Heat?

May 11 2017

Right now you are entering a powerful time of healing and transition. 
Our May 10/11 full moon will emit a Divine feminine energy that is available to all of us and will assist with clearing out old patterns of heartache and negativity that we hold onto when healing through forgiveness has not taken place. 
Emotions will be running high and may feel very intense at times, so go easy on yourself, quiet your mind and allow the emotions and feelings to pass through you. 
Nothing has power over you unless you allow it, so honour the experience and breathe your way through it. When we flow with the river of life instead of resisting the ride, we eventually hit still waters where we can sit and reflect on the lessons that came with the storm. 
Right now chose the path of least resistance that comes when you
allow life to fall into place even through the tough times. 
Remember that the full moon energy can be felt for 3 days before and 3 days after, so go easy on yourself as you process what ever comes up.