Please Be Kind To Yourself Right Now..

Please Be Kind To Yourself Right Now...

Have you noticed how crazy the world seems to be right now? There is an intense energy out there that people are reacting to without realizing it. The energy of change and its growing pains are all around us, but these changes are necessary for you to move forward towards the direction of your dreams. 
What has been holding you back from true genuine freedom and happiness? What self defeating thoughts are telling you that you cant have it? Take a minute right now to become aware of the perpetual story that you are telling yourself, because now is the time to change that negative banter into positive affirmations that you believe, so that you can work with this energy of change. 
Remember that energy is neither good nor bad without the intention put into it..its just energy, until you fuel it with emotion and thought form, so choose how you want to spend your energy wisely.
In Love and Light, 
Patricia Monna