Combine Vibroacoustic Therapy and Rife Therapy for $111.11

(60 minute treatment)

Rife Frequency and Vibroacoustic Therapy


I have to share this with you! So my back has been a disaster for about a month now, I slipped down my stairs right on my bum 😬 (OUCH!!)
Anyhoo, after I went on your table, the next day it felt about 50% better, the day after 85%, and it is now 100%!!! I even went to the chiropractor yesterday because I had an apt booked already and she said “what did you do?!? You’re all fixed!!”
So I’m giving your magic table all the credit!!

Rebecca R.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing with Vibroacoustic Frequency Therapy

Our Vibroacoustic Sound Bed uses sound frequencies to harmonize your body's energy while producing a full body massage effect that penetrates deep inside of the body's organs, tissues and muscles to promote healing and relaxation on all levels.

As your body vibrates to the tune of healing frequencies from the Vibrational Sound Bed, binaural beats are emitted through headphones to surround you in healing music and guide you into a deep state of meditation.

Vibroacoustic Therapy is well known for helping with pain management and can provide relief from symptoms of neurological disorders, stress and anxiety as well as circulatory problems and insomnia.


Rife Frequency Therapy

Rife Frequency Therapy is a non- invasive treatment using low range radio-wave frequencies to restore, maintain and heal different ailments in the body.  Using two handheld poles, specific frequencies will run through your body to targeted area's that need healing (Completely pain free) .

Although there have been amazing results using this machine, Rife Frequency Therapy is still classified as "experimental" in the field of science and medicine.

Some of the many areas that Rife Frequency Therapy can help you with are:

Mood Disorders

Anxiety/ Depression/ Panic Attacks

Chronic Fatigue

Insomnia/ Sleeping Disorders


Inflammatory Disorders/ Chronic Pain of Any Kind

Neurological Disorders

Psoriasis/ Eczema/ Acne/ Skin Conditions

Hormonal Imbalances

Healing and Regeneration of Soft Tissue Damage

IBS / Digestive Disorders

These are just a few of the ailments that Rife Frequency Therapy can help you with to promote health and healing within your body.


Reiki Healing With Michelle Campbell

Michelle Campbell

Reiki Healing and Acoustic Sound Therapy with Michelle Campbell

Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer

Introductory Rate of

$111.11 60 min

Treatment of Reiki & Acoustic Sound Healing

Michelle will be joining Patricia in her office to offer Reiki and Acoustic Sound Healing!

Reiki works on all of our different levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, enhancing and healing all aspects of your life. 
One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health. Reiki helps to raise the vibration of the client back to a place of deep inner peace and balance.

Michelle Campbell began her journey with Reiki and Energy Healing in 2012, since that time her passion for more knowledge in the field, and desire to promote healing and well-being within her inner circle of friends, family and community has expanded exponentially.

As a Master Reiki Practitioner, Michelle has combined the Reiki method of Dr Mikao Usui and Intuitive Healing techniques taught by Patricia Monna. The many of benefits of Reiki can include chakra clearing and balancing, relieving stress and anxiety, promoting emotional, physical and spiritual healing as well as assisting in personal transformation.

Michelle is currently studying the Energy Medicine Techniques of Donna Eden, and Energy Clearing Techniques of Christie Marie Sheldon.

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