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Psychic Awareness Retreat in Sedona Arizona

NOVEMBER 19-24  2018


5 Day Psychic Awareness Retreat in SEDONA ARIZONA
November 19-24 2018

Join Patricia Monna, professional Psychic Medium / Remote Viewer and Spiritual Advisor for a 5 day Psychic Awareness retreat in one of the most sacred places in the world!
This retreat is guaranteed to take your abilities to the next level! You will learn how to tune out and tap into your intuition in a completely new way. Arizona is known for it’s spiritual and transformational energy which can be felt through out different parts of Sedona. Join us as we explore the energy vortexes and sacred sites that contain some of the greatest healing energy in the world.  

Your 5 Day Psychic Awareness Retreat Includes:

5 Nights Accommodations at the Transformation House Retreat Center
6 Days of Catered Home Cooked Meals
Transportation For All Group Activities
Vortex Tours
Psychic Awareness Workshop
Daily Meditations
Medicine Wheel Sacred Ceremony & Visit To Sedona's Sacred Stupa

Private Room $2111.00 CAN

Shared Room $1555.00 CAN

This retreat will SELL OUT FAST!  Reserve your spot today with a $500 Deposit!

(Deposit is non-refundable. Full payment is due by August 30 2018)

At This Amazing Retreat You Will Learn to:
-Increase your intuition & psychic awareness
-Tune in to the healing energy of Sedona through daily outside meditations
(We will also be meditating in the vortexes !!)
-Communicate with your spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit on a deeper level because of where you will be.
-Identify the energy fields around you as they are amplified in Sedona
We will be staying in the Sacred Valley of Oak Creek, nestled in the heart of Sedona and located underneath Cathedral Rock, the energy will surround you as you heal and release and renew.


GST, Flights and shuttle to Sedona are not included in the price.


Sedona Psychic Awareness Retreat Memories

March 1-6 2018


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to connect with Spirit and learn how to tune into the energy of the Universe. I can't say enough about the magic that happens when like minded individuals come together to learn and grow. This retreat was absolutely AMAZING! The energy of Arizona was all around us as we journeyed through the Vortexes of Sedona. So many healing and great epiphanies took place on this very special retreat. 

I hope to see you at the next one!


With a background in medicine, Patricia has been helping people heal their lives, physically, mentally and spiritually for almost 20 years. She facilitates in a manner that is engaging, fun, loving and humorous, while gently but firmly encouraging people to find their passion and true life's destiny. We are all brought here with very specific gifts to share with the world...and Patricia's purpose is to help you find yours.
Patricia Monna is the founder of Psychic Awareness Retreats which centers on psychic development and spiritual awareness.
All retreats are held in locations which are surrounded by nature’s beauty, and provide a wonderful, supportive atmosphere so that you can truly focus on your individual growth. The theme, or focus, of each Retreat will differ, providing you with ongoing opportunities to expand on different areas of your life each time you attend.

Retreat Testimonials

I have now attended two of Patricia Monna's Psychic Retreats and I highly recommend them to anyone who is needing guidance and clarity in their life. Not only were these retreats amazingly ran they were pivotal in aiding numerous souls in their growth and expansion in both a Spiritual & loving sense.

Patricia is a lovey soul and extremely gifted soul who has the natural ability to make you feel comfortable and loved leading to an openness and vulnerability that is so very refreshing.  She is open and upfront and cuts to the chase but in the most loving way possible.  Her retreats offer a unique opportunity to connect with Spirit with other souls who you will feel an immediate bond with. 

You will learn so much about meditation, angels, crystals, reading energy, connecting to your guides and learning to trust yourself and the messages you receive. I highly encourage numerous people to seek Patrica's consultation and guidance and always suggest to friends to attend any of the events she offers. I have been profoundly changed since attending these retreats and hope you find all you need in them as well. 

In love - Tafline L 

Are you ready to have an "aha" moment?

This was an amazing weekend retreat, organized by a fantastic group of talented people. I had my "AHA" moments all weekend. YOU ROCK!"

Are you reading the signs?

"This retreat enhanced my spiritual beliefs and pushed me up to the next level in my journey- I sat on the fence between believing "the signs" and rolling my eyes my whole life. I now have faith in my decisions knowing that I was guided here. "Let go and Let God." 
Totally belief changing!!"

Are you ready for your life to change?

I am completely amazed at how much I learned in one incredible weekend. I have made bonds with souls sisters that will last a lifetime!
Thank you so much for hosting a weekend that completely opened me up to my own abilities. I am forever greatful for your guidance.


Are you ready to spend a weekend learning how powerful you truly are?

"I feel so enlightened....didn't realize how much your retreat would affect me....but WOW!"  -Sharla R.