Full Moon Meditation


March FULL MOON Meditation For Releasing Energetic Blocks
March 13 2017

The full moon is a great time to meditate on what you want to release to the universe. When we release our burdens, we can make room for abundance in all areas of our lives. Join us for a very powerful FULL MOON meditation that will help you to release what no longer serves a purpose in your life. Please fill out the online registration below.
oors open at 6:45pm


Full Moon Meditation



FULL MOON Mindfulness Meditation
April 11 2017

  This Full Moon Mindfulness Meditation will help you to be present in every moment of your life while you learn to calm your mind and body which allows for greater inner wisdom and Divine guidance to come through.
Doors open at 6:45pm


New Moon Meditation


NEW MOON Manifestation Meditation
April 26 2017
This New Moon Meditation will teach you how to listen to the voice within as we quiet the mind chatter and learn to hear what our hearts are saying. What do you truly want this year? Let us focus together on manifesting your true hearts desires.


Local Psychic Retreat


 Psychic Awareness Weekend
LOCAL Retreat

April 22 & 23 2017
(Lunch is included both days)

Have you ever wanted to attend one of Patricia's weekend retreats but could not make it? 
This LOCAL Psychic Awareness Weekend Retreat is a 2 day all intensive psychic development course that will cover everything that you need to know to tap into your intuition and develop your own connection to Spirit. 
On this special weekend you will learn how to: 
~Tune out and tap in to your intuition
~ Communicate with your angels
~ Ground, protect and amplify your energy
~Identify the energy fields around you
~ Conduct a psychic reading and practise your own talents and so much more!
This class will be small and personal with only 12 spots open.
This retreat is taking place at The Hidden Gem Studio within the office of Patricia Monna. 220 259 Midpark Way SE