Jan.10 The HUGE Healing Meditation

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Jan.10 The HUGE Healing Meditation

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The HUGE Healing Meditation @ The Mahogany Beach Club
January 10 2018


Lets leave our cares and concerns of 2017 behind us as we come together for a Huge Healing Meditation that will help you to release the pain in your body, mind and soul as we go deep within to heal the wounds of this life.

Join us as we create a vortex of profound healing energy that will allow us to clear any negative patterns of pain and trauma on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

This meditation is for anyone who is ready to have their life changed!
When we release old traumas, we make room for miracles to happen!

Please bring a blanket, pillow or yoga mat to lie on if you would like to be on the floor during the meditation. 
There will be chairs available for anyone who would like to sit.