Nov. 25 & 26 Advanced Psychic Development Level 1


Nov. 25 & 26 Advanced Psychic Development Level 1

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Advanced Psychic Development Level 1

November 25 & 26 2017


$375 (Lunch is included both days)

This Advanced Psychic Development LEVEL  1
is a 2 day all intensive psychic development course that will cover everything that you need to know to tap into your intuition and develop your own connection to Spirit on a deeper level. 
In this advanced course you will learn how to:

-Connect with your intuition on a deeper level
-Tune into Spirit through automatic writing
-Open and clear your chakra system through different breathing and meditation techniques
-Feel and read a persons energy
-Read energy from an object or photograph
-Conduct a psychic reading and practise your own talents!

This workshop is taking place at The Hidden Gem Studio within the office of Patricia Monna at

220 259 Midpark Way SE Calgary, AB.